The EduProtocol Field Guide Book 1 : 16 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Infinite Learning Possibilities

The EduProtocol Field Guide Book 1 : 16 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Infinite Learning Possibilities


Are you stuck in the lecture-and-worksheet rut?

Many teachers continue to struggle to break out of the corporate lesson-and-worksheet cycle to find fresh, meaningful ways to develop original, engaging and effective instruction. In The EduProtocol Field Guide, Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern outline sixteen classroom-tested protocols to break up clich├ęd lesson plans, build culture, and deliver content to K-12 students in a supportive, creative environment.

Start Smart

Smart Start activities set your students up for success by teaching them how to learn, using tools like Frayer Models and Venn Diagrams on fun subjects. In addition to preparing your students to learn, Smart Start activities help build a positive culture in your classroom.

Finish Strong

EduProtocols are customizable, frames that use your content to create lessons to help students master academic content, think critically, and communicate effectively while creating and working collaboratively. EduProtocols can be used with nearly all subjects and grade levels and are UDL (Universal Design for Learning)-friendly to support all learners.

Simplify the process of creating engaging and personalized learning opportunities for every student.

The EduProtocol Field Guide shows you how.

"Any teacher can use the examples in this book to create more engaging classes in less time, freeing them up to be uniquely themselves and develop relationships with students."

--Matt Miller, educator, blogger, speaker, and author of Ditch That Textbook

"This book is not simply one you read; it's one that you use, and then use again! The EduProtocol Field Guide is undoubtedly a must-read for teachers of all skill levels looking to amplify the student-learning experience through the effective use of technology."

--Thomas C. Murray, director of innovation, Future Ready Schools, Washington, DC

"EduProtocols and SMART Start strategies lead teachers to creatively teach with greater time efficiency and fantastic effectiveness for helping students reach mastery."

--Steven J. McGriff, Ph.D., founder, DivergentED Consultants


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